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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consulting services

Who are we and what we aim to do?

Most companies do not take full advantage of the potential of their CRM, which often leads to productivity, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. To take full advantage of a CRM system, it’s a good place to consult a professional service provider with extensive CRM experience and help maximize your business advantage.

As Certified Advisors, we design, implement, and deploy powerful solutions tailored to your exact business processes with Salesforce cloud applications. We help companies understand their sales cycles, identify trends, identify opportunities, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. Our comprehensive expertise in planning solutions and optimizing capabilities and streamlines business processes to get the return on the investment we need in Salesforce implementations to deliver customized business and Technology solutions. Transform sales and business processes with Microsoft's cloud-based CRM and ERP solutions.

  • Migration and integration
  • Implementation and customization
  • Dynamic managed services and support
  • Dynamic training 365

Brief Overview of our services

Marketing Automation:

Plan, automate and perform marketing tasks from a single platform, or integrate other applications with Dynamics to meet all marketing needs.

Personalized Reports:

Develop detailed personalized reports that aren't always available in Dynamics to meet your reporting needs.

Personalized Dashboard:

Create a custom role-based dashboard that lets you view information with each user, no matter where they are.


Structure custom workflows and approvals in Salesforce to respond to and automate processes that meet business needs

Event management:

Organize events in a simplified way and track registrations, sponsors, attendees, meetings and measure event success through an activity management framework built on the Microsoft Dynamics platform.

Implementation of course corrections

Our experienced CRM consultants will review your system and perform health checks to better understand your unique problems and provide a clear path to save failed implementations.

Email Marketing:

Manage campaigns directly from Dynamics, or manage activity data from mail chimps, continuous contacts or others in your CRM system to get a complete picture.

Social Media:

Get social information about what customers think of your brand on social media platforms with dynamic social interactions with Microsoft. All dynamic systems.

Uninterrupted Business Process:

We provide changes and enhancements to people without affecting current user and business activities in Sales CRM.

Effective Cost Management:

We don’t need a large sales team to provide comprehensive coverage of your sales team needs.

Minimize Management:

We effectively measure your business needs and translate them into reliable technical requirements without minimal or no input from your manager. We leverage our project management experience to make rapid changes to our systems by minimizing your monitoring and management efforts.


We analyze your business needs and suggest how you can use MS Dynamic 356 to meet them. We analyze your sales, customer service, and marketing requirements and explain the clouds, versions, and features (previously defaulted or custom) so that you can meet these requirements in full.


Implementing Microsoft Dynamic 365 is a process that requires detail and attention to the organization. To ensure future success, the existing business process needs to be mapped correctly. We are deploying other products from sales staff. To fully meet your business needs, we meet your needs with other sales products like App Exchange or Customs Apps, CPQ, and, Billing.


We analyze your sales, customer service, and marketing requirements and explain the clouds, versions, and features (previously defaulted or custom), use click tools (congregations), or code tools (apex codes, opposition components, lighting).

Our Consultants Workings:

Consulting is one of XYZ's leading Microsoft Dynamic 365 services. Our consultants rely on best practices and business knowledge over the past 10 years to position you at the right level of CRM maturity based on your strategic vision, from communications management and planning to step-by-step development to strategic relationship management.

MS Dynamics 365's out-of-box and custom features span the entire customer lifecycle, from lead generation to transaction settlement and after-sales re-engagement. It is important to note that all of these measures may be linked to vendor performance indicators to facilitate performance management.

What you can achieve through our consulting service?

Maintain customer-centric group office meetings in sales Sell more efficiently:

Keep your sales service stress-free and efficient by focusing on your customers. Sales have been reinvented to ensure that your software allows you to connect with your customers in a connected world.

A new level of customer service:

Satisfy your current customers by offering a personalized and efficient service. Use usage case management tools to resolve customer issues to resolve these complaints quickly. Let your marketing efforts count the activity of the women's conference

Make your marketing money work by effectively targeting and connecting potential customers:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers enterprise marketing automation and multi-channel campaign management. Know your customers and develop valuable relationships that are essential to the growth of your business.

What about CRM and ERP consolidation?

Sync your CRM and ERP data with our installation-free software connector. Incorporate Microsoft Dynamics 365 into any ERP and use the XYZ’s unit to maximize the value and efficiency of both systems.

Complete CRM solution without software installation:

Implementing and modeling the processes of the new CRM is just as important as its software.

Microsoft Dynamic 365 consultant offers marketing, sales, and customer service solutions. With the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can collaborate seamlessly across all departments.



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