When you are looking for answers to your Microsoft Dynamics 365/Microsoft Dynamics CRM questions, there is a diversity of assisted support and self-support options to give the help you need.​ Your support options may differ, depending on the version you’re running of Dynamics CRM and whether you use the on premise or online version of the product.

What does Microsoft Dynamics 365 Advisors for Customer Service offer?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Advisors for Customer Service facilitates businesses improved customer management issues, and helps customers to find answers for their queries quickly. Characteristics like automated self-service portals and chat-bots let customers do extra without having to interact customer service agents, helping close cases more rapidly and freeing agents up to deal with more difficult cases.

For Customer Service goals Microsoft Dynamics 365 Advisors help users deliver personalized customer service to their customers, at any time, on any channel. Providing a mixture of assisted service management, and self-service opportunities like peer-to-peer support and customer portals, , No matter what medium they’re working through Microsoft Dynamics 365 Advisors customer Service provides agents with the resources and tools they require to add value to their customer interactions.

Customer Service makes agents able to make cases, documentation of all customer interactions, and resolve queries through the customer’s preferred channel. On the bases shared knowledge, within the app mean agents are forever clued up on customer case histories and preferences and can suggest exact information on company policy and entitlements.

What do Microsoft Dynamics 365 Advisors for Field Service offer?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Advisors for Field Service make users able to manage work orders, assignment of resources and scheduling for service agents who work from the outside of the user’s office.

The app also offers a central, accessible repository for resources such as manuals, training materials and documentation.

Work orders can be produced from customer services cases, through customer portals, or emails, and inventory, assets, and equipment can be supervised and re-ordered in real-time. The app also facilitates users keep staying on top of preventative maintenance by robotically generating frequent work orders.

The app gives field agents a channel which enables them to access all the information they require when they are out on a job, and lets them communicate and collaborate with both their customer service colleagues and customers themselves.

It also makes users able to allocate jobs based on employee skill and experience levels and optimizes routes to maximize efficiency and lessen travel time for field agents, enhancing efficiency for the business, and giving customers a good experience.

Similar to all apps in the Microsoft Dynamics family, Field Service is highly mobile-friendly, with mobile and tablet apps available across iOS, Android and Windows devices.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Advisors services:

On the basis of broad experience in development area, our software engineer’s team develops applications and software of good quality.

Design integration and special settings installation: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Advisors specialized in design integration, custom patterns, generation of reports and modules development. We engage professional designers and UI specialists for user interface implementation and installation explicit settings.

Workflow Customization: Workflow customization due to present business processes requirements are gave by our business analysts and system architects after the cross-examining of project subject, client’s company structure and market.

Integration of Microsoft Dynamics software to your business projects: Our programmers have sufficient experience to customize and develop MS Dynamics solutions in business processes, and to maximize profit of using new technologies.

Customer support: Long-term practice in software development area enables us to declare that every system has to be improved to fulfill needs of changing business. We provide qualitative timely support services to our clients. We help them to get used to their information systems to changing requirements of business without costs and difficulties.