Dynamics 365 Totals field

Dynamics 365 is a Microsoft application that consists of both CRM and ERP modules. It is a product line of enterprise resources. It is also a cloud-based business application platform that provides productivity applications and artificial intelligence. It also consists of a variety of business modules such as finance and operation, customer service, field service, etc. They can also be used to store data on the internet. It is also a bit customization, i.e., they can be customized according to the needs of the user and the company’s needs. The most significant benefit of dynamics 365 is that it consists of light integration with other Microsoft businesses and applications.

What is the field?

A field is the equivalent of a column in the database table. It is an entity that correlates to the table. Fields are classified into two types:

  • Custom fields: These are the fields that are already built into the system and can be modified and deleted according to the needs of the user and the company
  • System fields: These are out of the box fields that cannot be deleted but can be modified only to a certain extent.

There are a certain number of fields that you can customize. Only administrators can customize fields in a specific way. These define a field name, data type, requirement level, security, and auditing. There are some fields in the application of the dynamic:

  1. Display name
  2. Name
  3. Field security
  4. Auditing
  5. Field requirement
  6. Business required: form cannot be saved unless data is entered in the field.
  7. Business recommended
  8. Optional
  9. Searchable: It appears in the list of domains in which one can select queries in an advanced find.
  1. Description
  2. Data type: Option set for different kinds of areas depending on the function
  3. Field type
  4. Format

A total field and rows let you perform calculations with the data present in the table. Calculated fields perform calculations while totals rows perform an estimate on an entire area of data. The totals panel is a part of the layout in the dynamics 365; you can customize the totals panel. This panel is generally available in Microsoft dynamics 365 for finance and operation. The custom fields are open in the totals fields panel. It can be used to calculate different functions for financial models of the business.


Microsoft dynamics have different modules that can be used for various operations, such as marketing, finance, and operations, etc. The totals field help sin the calculation of an entire area of data. This calculation can be the calculation of taxes, VAT, etc. The totals field can be customized according to the needs of the company and the user. Thus, the totals field is available where calculation has to be done and is present in the finances and operation module.

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